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Sorry I didnt take better care of these Cartoons and other Items. They have been in the envelope ever since they were recieved. When our parents passed away, Erma and Roy ( God rest their souls) we separated the cartoons among us. Some where lost to flood. Treasures now , I think I should frame them. I really hope you enjoy Gene Hazelton's work. He moved to our home in 1973. I believe him and his family. I was so young at the time, I dont remember. But, the home my dad, Roy B. Marker built was a five bedroom home. I believe the Hazeltons put in a pool from what I see from Satellite. I miss that house and the memories.. Gene R.I.P. and a heartfelt Thankyou Scroll down to read his letter! And to see the cartoon boards

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still in original package

I Really dont know how this package is still surviving ,, but this is what theycame in and are still kept in , under paper is cardboard and plastic. So next I will show you the house he bought and lived in. Also of course I have to add a picture of Me and my siblings at that age in that house. any questions?
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