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Sorry I didnt take better care of these Cartoons and other Items. They have been in the envelope ever since they were recieved. When our parents passed away, Erma and Roy ( God rest their souls) we separated the cartoons among us. Some where lost to flood. Treasures now , I think I should frame them. I really hope you enjoy Gene Hazelton's work. He moved to our home in 1973. I believe him and his family. I was so young at the time, I dont remember. But, the home my dad, Roy B. Marker built was a five bedroom home. I believe the Hazeltons put in a pool from what I see from Satellite. I miss that house and the memories.. Gene R.I.P. and a heartfelt Thankyou Scroll down to read his letter! And to see the cartoon boards

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Yowp: A Sunday With Gene Hazelton

Yowp: A Sunday With Gene Hazelton: There are Hanna-Barbera treasures many of will never see. Unless, perhaps, we’re all named Scott Shaw! Instead of wondering whether his son...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Can anyone identify this artwork?

Now theses were also in the envelope.

if any one has any idea about these please leave me a comment.

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Still in original package

I Really dont know how this package is still surviving ,, but this is what theycame in and are still kept in , under paper is cardboard and plastic. So next I will show you the house he bought and lived in. Also of course I have to add a picture of Me and my siblings at that age in that house. any questions?
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Genes sketches

You can see the pencil markings under the ink.
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Yogi Bear, and Flintstones

If you look closely you can see the ink and the dots.
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more sketches

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letter to Marker Children and some Flintstones comic strips

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